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Microsoft Update Brings Energy Saving To Xbox

Microsoft is now updating the Xbox to actively help save electricity. In times of high energy costs, this is just the thing. We’ve reviewed all the information currently available about the update.

In the Xbox blog, Microsoft now confirms that the console will receive several new energy-saving functions via an update. The intelligent energy-saving options will initially be tested in the Insider program, but should soon be available to all owners of an Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One.

The first intelligent feature is a compromise for all gamers who don’t want to completely shut down their console.

Start “Active Hours”.

While the regular sleep mode of modern consoles allows for quick wake-ups, it also consumes a lot of energy since the system is never actually shut down. Microsoft has been working on this and therefore launched the “active hours” option.

If this option is selected, the console will automatically turn off at times when it is unlikely to be used to reduce power consumption. You can set these hours manually, which is especially useful if you only have a certain amount of time to play. The automatic option, on the other hand, adapts, that is, the console adapts to temporal habits. According to Microsoft, the option for Xbox Series X/S will be activated automatically and pre-scheduled. On the Xbox One, the feature is always active by default, but you have to configure the active hours yourself.

“Shutdown (power saving) option”

The second major change in power-saving behavior is a “Shutdown (power saving) option”. This is said to consume up to 20 times less power than the previous sleep mode, but still allows overnight updates for Xbox and games. Insiders will now receive the update automatically.

Regardless of the user settings, Microsoft is also launching an energy feature that is already available for Windows 11: the so-called “carbon-conscious” downloads. However, this currently only applies to the USA. Microsoft is trying to make major updates there in times when as many renewable energies as possible are fed in locally.

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