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Microsoft 365 Cloud Windows FAQs Published

Windows 365

In mid-July, the Redmond-based company presented its new Windows 365 cloud operating system, which is now also available for testing – and the onslaught was also huge. Microsoft has now also published a FAQ on this and it has quite interesting things to offer.

Windows 365 was only recently introduced and it is still a completely new product. This means that some people still don’t really know what to think of it or whether it actually works for everyone. Some of these questions are now answered by the provider himself, namely via frequently asked questions about Windows 365.

For commercial users only

The Redmond-based company emphasizes in several places that Windows 365 is aimed at corporate customers and is not intended for private individuals. Because the question “Can I purchase a Windows 365 subscription for private use?” clearly states: “Windows 365 is only available for commercial use. The solution was developed for companies, from the self-employed to corporations with thousands of employees.”

This is clear from product names such as Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise, but there will certainly be one or two curious people who either want to try it out or use it at home. However, Martin “Dr. Windows” Geuß also points out that this is hardly handled or controlled strictly – although it hardly makes sense in private either.

In the FAQ, Microsoft also gives details on data usage, because Windows 365 does not allow unlimited data to be moved back and forth; this partly depends on how the booked cloud PC is equipped.

Another interesting piece of information regarding the costs concerns a discount of 16 percent, which you get if you have a Windows 10 Pro license. Microsoft: “The Windows Hybrid Benefit is a licensing offer that allows you to purchase Windows 365 Business at a reduced price. With the Windows Hybrid Benefit, you get a 16 percent discount on your Windows 365 Business subscription if you already have Windows 10 Pro on a device. “