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Microsoft Confirms: Windows 11 New Design Won’t Compromise Performance

Windows 11

Windows 11 also brings various functional innovations with it, but primarily it is a more or less consistent redesign. Almost everything stays the same under the hood. Now the Redmond-based company has assured that this will not have a negative impact on performance.

Microsoft recently introduced a new design language called Metro with Windows 8, and in the course of the existence of Windows 10, the company switched to fluent design. With Windows 11 comes a new design material called Mica. Microsoft’s official documentation states: “Mica is a non-transparent, dynamic material that contains design and desktop backgrounds to draw the background of long-lasting windows such as apps and settings.”

Strictly speaking, Mica is part of Fluent and is one of the most important design changes in Windows 11. With such design changes, the question always arises as to whether this has a negative effect on performance. Microsoft already writes that Mica “was specially developed with the performance of apps in mind, as it only captures the desktop background once for visualization.”

Performance Is The Priority

Nevertheless, the topic came up in a question-and-answer session with Microsoft developers, and there it was said according to Windows Latest that Mica does not save the desktop background every time, but the “image only once.” becomes blurred “.

Microsoft: “Performance is our number one priority, and we want to make sure that all of these new features (mica and rounded corners) are super fast and don’t affect the operating system. For example, Mica is specifically designed to perform better than things like acrylic. “

The Redmond company also mentioned the new corner design; here, too, performance is at the top of the priority list: “We have optimized the rendering performance for rounded corners so that you shouldn’t notice any difference to angular corners.”