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Microsoft Adds Annoying Edge Advertising In Windows 10 Setup

Microsoft Edge Ad

Once again, Microsoft is using intrusive methods to advertise its Edge browser. When installing Windows 10, a full-screen advertisement is now waiting for some users, which should convince them to choose the browser as the default surfing tool.

A look at the history of Microsoft shows that the company has not been able to cover itself with fame when it comes to the distribution of its browser. In connection with the new Edge browser, the methods used are not nearly as aggressive, but the company still does not want to forego the urge to use the new surfing tool in various places. After recently annoying Edge in the settings, the browser can now interfere in the setup of Windows.

As Techradar writes in its report, Microsoft is also carrying out a so-called A/B test with the latest updates, in which some users are shown other options. Also included: a new full-screen advertisement for Edge, which is displayed when the system is set up or after a system update and prompts you to select the browser. With the heading “Use the recommended browser settings” Microsoft suggests the “correct” selection, which Edge makes the standard and which pins the app on the desktop and taskbar.

A/B test will decide

The edge advertising is part of the so-called OOBE process (Out-of-the-Box-Experience) and can be processed quite quickly without any effects if you select “Do not adjust the browser settings”. Microsoft does not currently provide a possibility of not having the display displayed during the next system update. Whether advertising becomes the standard now depends on the success of the current A/B test. Should enough users end up at Edge this way, one can expect that the query will become the norm.