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Microsoft Adds New Function To PowerPoint

Microsoft is testing a new feature for PowerPoint in the preview version of Office as part of the Insider program. The update brings version 2211 and builds number 15831.20012 to the beta channel.

Office Insiders who use Windows now get a new function. Microsoft announced that. The new PowerPoint feature is called “Save Media with Subtitles” and it allows users to save all files with subtitles along with the media files.

To do this, right-click and select “Save media as” from the menu. This new preview release of Office version 2211 also includes a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Microsoft is currently testing these changes with Office Insiders before rolling them out to all users with the regular update. It is not yet known when the new PowerPoint option will be released for all users.

How to join the Insider program

Joining the Insider program for Office is free. If you use Windows, start a popular Office application – for example, Word – and then look for possible updates in the account information. If access to the insider program is possible, it will be listed there. Then all you have to do is follow the instructions on the monitor.

Even then, to update the Microsoft Office Insider Preview Build to the latest version, open any Office program and check for a new version via File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

Office Version 2211 (Build 15831.20012)

  • PowerPoint:
  • Save media with subtitles. Now if you right-click and select “Save Media As” all files with closed captions will be saved along with the media file.
  • word:
  • Fixed an issue where no visual indicator showed which text wrapping option was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where when entering a tracked change in a spreadsheet, the content flashed with each key press.
  • Fixed an issue where printing stopped working.
  • Fixed an issue where a paragraph before uneditable content could not be deleted.
  • Office suite:
  • Fixed an issue where a file opened as protected remains in a temporary folder after the user closes it and exits Office.
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