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Microsoft Admits Windows 11 Slows Down SSD Performance Solution Possible

Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 has a problem that is particularly noticeable with SSDs but can affect the performance of all storage media. Microsoft is now delivering analysis and providing a remedy with the optional update KB5007262.

At the end of last week, we reported problems with the interaction between SSD storage and Windows 11. For several weeks now, there has been an increasing number of user reports about performance differences that show when comparing Windows 10 and the new operating system. As WindowsLatest reports, the first reports here probably go back to August. Microsoft has now officially included the problem in its patch notes for the optional update KB5007262 and is using it to test possible solutions.

The patch “fixes a problem that affects the performance of all hard drives (NVMe, SSD, hard drive) under Windows 11 by performing unnecessary actions with every writing process,” the company said in a somewhat vague way in the corresponding support article. The company then provides an indication that only certain drives are affected. “This problem only occurs when the NTFS USN journal is enabled,” said Microsoft.

Only system drive is affected

The word “only” is somewhat ambiguous in this context. The USN Journal (Update Sequence Number Journal) has been an important part of Microsoft’s proprietary Windows file system for two decades and is activated by default on the system drive, standard letter “C:”. Deactivation is not possible here.

Update KB5007262 can be obtained as an optional update and includes many other bug fixes. However, you should only be in a hurry during installation if you have severe problems with drives. Normal users will receive the corresponding updates as part of Patch Tuesday (security update), which is already planned for December 14th.

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