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Microsoft Announces Xbox Game Pass coming to Samsung smart TVs

Microsoft just announced the imminent arrival of the Xbox Game Pass application on Samsung smart TVs. It will be possible to play all titles in the catalog via the Cloud, without going through a console.

It will soon be possible to play the latest Xbox Series X titles on your TV… and without Xbox Series X. Microsoft just announced that its Xbox Game Pass application will arrive at the end of the month on Samsung smart TVs.

Players can launch more than 100 games from the Xbox catalog without the need for a console. Only a good connection is sufficient, as not everything goes through the cloud. The application will be available from June 30 in 27 countries, including France, on all Samsung TVs manufactured in 2022.

The Xbox Cloud arrives on Samsung smart TVs, another step for the service

the app seems to work the same as on Android or PC. You launch it, you connect to your account and for a subscription, you can stream all the titles on offer, be it Halo Infinite, Sea of ​​​​​​Thieves or Forza Horizon 5. Note that Fortnite will also be present in the game application, but can be launched without a subscription. As on other platforms, the service is limited to 1080p and 60 frames per second. A necessary sacrifice to ensure a quality experience, ie stable. Of course, you need a controller to play. It is possible to connect your Xbox pad or a third-party controller such as the DualSense, as long as it is Bluetooth compatible.

The arrival of the Xbox application on smart TV is an extremely clever maneuver by Microsoft and above all very important. The Redmond company doesn’t plan to keep up with that though, as the app will be available soon from other manufacturers, we’re promised. In any case, Microsoft’s objective does not change: let everyone everywhere play Xbox Series X, whenever they want without even owning a console.

Because paradoxical as it may seem, the nerve center of this generation is not the Xbox, but the Game Pass service. The company is looking far, as it claims to build the video game landscape for the next 20 years. Microsoft is holding a conference next Sunday to announce the next games. Chances are it will come out all the way by showcasing a large number of unreleased titles.

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