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Microsoft to offer playable demos like on Xbox Game Pass

As Sony launches its new Playstation Plus formula on June 23, Xbox is visibly inspired by some of the new features offered by the Japanese manufacturer. Indeed, Microsoft is also considering offering Xbox Game Pass subscribers the opportunity to preview future Xbox exclusive games through playable demos.

The war of gaming services is now open. While the Xbox Game Pass has reigned supreme for several years now, Sony is gearing up for a counterattack with the June 23, 2022 launch of the all-new Playstation Plus. This unique formula resulting from the merger between the current PS Plus and PS Now offers three different plans.

In particular, the PS Plus Premium, the most expensive offer, offers access to more 740 games from the PS4 and PS5 catalogs, but also PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP. Something to please fans of retro gaming. And that’s not all, because exclusive and timed playable demos also allow users to watch future PS5 games for at least two hours. The ability for players to test a title before eventually going to the box office.

Microsoft wants to offer playable demos on Xbox Game Pass

However, according to noted insider Tom Henderson, Microsoft is quite tempted by this idea. According to its sources, the Redmond-based company plans to announce: the integration of playable demos on the Xbox Game Pass for the opening of the Summer Game Fest, scheduled for June 9, 2022. In other words, an official press release won’t be long in coming if Tom Henderson’s sources were right.

Still, according to the insider’s information, the feature won’t be rolled out until next year and will therefore be reserved for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Please note that no distinction is made between classic subscribers and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. In addition, the playable demos would only cover: independent productions First.

Developers who chose to offer a playable demo of their upcoming title would receive certain considerations, starting with a fee from Microsoft (creating a playable demo takes resources and time) and access to certain data (notably returning players) who can help them in the development of their game. this information should be taken with a grain of salt, in the absence of official confirmation from Microsoft.