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Microsoft ceases to support the first-generation Surface Duo

Given the history of smartphones, the original Microsoft Surface Duo was a revolutionary product. It featured two individual screens with support for multitasking. It has just been three years since its release. Some recent pieces of information suggest that Microsoft is going to end all types of software support for the first-gen Surface Duo.

Well, this is not surprising at all since the company already mentioned that it would extend three years of software support. Besides this, the smartphone will operate as normal, with all its basic functions intact. The app will continue to receive updates. However, the device will no longer receive the security updates that might make it vulnerable to malicious attacks.

The problems with the original Surface Duo

The Microsoft Surface Duo brought a fresh breath to the smartphone industry with its unique design and functionality. It served as a simple alternative to foldable phones. Surface Duo consists of two 5.6-inch screens that provide an expansive 8.1-inch display in the unfolded state, offering foldable gadget functionality to users without raising concerns about durability.

Besides these unique aspects, the phone lacked some advanced features. It debuted with the Snapdragon 855 chipset, which compromised its performance. Furthermore, the Surface Duo has no support for 5G features. The software was not efficient either since it consisted of bugs and glitches that lasted for several months after its release.

Another major limitation of the original Surface Duo was its $1400 price tag. Such a price tag placed it in competition with the S20 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phone was no match to other flagships in terms of performance and software aspects. The company announced discounts to attract consumers, but all in vain. The device was unable to gain market attention and appeal.

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