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Microsoft Confirms 10-year Deal For Call of Duty On PlayStation

The media and the fans aren’t letting go of this topic: what is Microsoft planning for Call of Duty and the PlayStation? Microsoft President Brad Smith has now confirmed that Sony has been offered a long-term deal.

Microsoft is now officially confirming that they have offered a 10-year contract to keep Call of Duty on the PlayStation.

Brad Smith has confirmed a report that claimed the company made a longer-term offer for Call of Duty to remain on the PlayStation, Wall Street Journal reports. This is of course selfish, as the company is trying to placate Sony over its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Sony is fighting back loudly, but unnecessarily, says Smith

“Sony has proven to be the loudest holdout. They’re as excited about this deal as Blockbuster is about the rise of Netflix,” explains Smith.

“The main risk that Sony identifies as potentially anti-competitive is that Microsoft would no longer make Call of Duty available for the PlayStation. But that would be commercially unreasonable. A significant portion of Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty revenue comes from Selling PlayStation games. Given the popularity of cross-play, this would also be disastrous for the Call of Duty franchise and Xbox itself, alienating millions of players.”

“That’s why we’ve offered Sony a 10-year deal that says every new Call of Duty release will be available on PlayStation the same day it releases on Xbox. We’re ready to extend that commitment to others as well Adopting platforms and having them enforced by regulators in the US, UK and European Union Microsoft made a similar commitment to the European Commission when it acquired LinkedIn in 2016 to ensure access to key technologies for competing services .”

The planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is currently being scrutinized worldwide.

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