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You Can Use Classic Menus In Windows 11

Windows 11 classic menu

With Start11, Stardock is sending a useful Windows 11 tool into the beta phase. It should help to personalize Microsoft’s new start menu and equip it with additional designs and functions. A return to the Windows 7 and Windows 10 classics is thus possible.

The first reactions to the new start menu in Windows 11 aroused mixed feelings among users. Pinned apps, recommended and recently used files without live tiles or a direct overview of all installed programs define the start menu design, which is centrally positioned ex-works. The criticism on the net seems to be partly justified. Many users want a slim layout, but without having to compromise on important functions.

Start menu favorites from Windows 7 and Windows 10

At this point, Stardock wants to step in in the future, who have already celebrated great successes with their start menu replacement Start8 and Start10. Now you can optimize the Windows 11 start menu with Start11 and publish a beta version of the tool parallel to Microsoft’s Insider Preview. With it, users can bring back the start menu design from older operating systems such as Windows 10 and Windows 7 and, apart from missing live tiles, rely on the classic views and functions.

In addition to various start menu layouts, Stardock names compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows 11 as well as color personalization and quick access to the search function as top features of Start11. Until the tool is finalized, the latter should be more detailed and accelerated further. In addition, work is being carried out on further design options and productive functions that should also appeal to professional users and companies. Among other things, various start menu pages and tabs are under discussion.

The beta of Stardock’s Start11 is now available for download. There is a small catch: The tool already costs 5.99 euros. Buyers of Start8 and Start10, however, receive a discount.

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