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Microsoft Defender extends network security for Android and iOS

Microsoft is entering a new beta phase for its enterprise security solution Defender for Endpoint. It’s now about comprehensive network security for Android and iOS devices, which are now easier to monitor. Microsoft has introduced a number of new Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) capabilities designed to help organizations identify vulnerabilities affecting Android and iOS devices on their corporate networks.

The innovations are summarized as “Mobile Network Protection” and the Defender blog explained after activating the new feature on the Android and iOS devices to be monitored, MDE offers protection against threats related to Wi-Fi and especially against malicious certificates. According to Microsoft, this is the main attack vector for WLAN networks and therefore comes in the first place. The MDE reports as soon as a possible threat is discovered.

Protection against tampered with hardware

Threats that can be detected by the new features also include rogue hardware such as the Hak5 WiFi Pineapple devices. Such devices are used by cyber criminals to collect data that is exchanged on the network. MDE warns users to switch networks as soon as a suspicious or unsecured network is detected. While the feature is enabled by default on mobile devices, Microsoft also provides detailed information about configuring network security on Android and iOS devices through the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

“As digital transformation continues, networks become more complex and offer a unique opportunity for nefarious activity if left unattended,” Microsoft said in announcing the beta test. “To counter this, Microsoft is providing a mobile network security capability in Defender for Endpoint that helps organizations identify, assess, and remediate endpoint vulnerabilities using robust threat intelligence.” More details about the new networking features are available from Microsoft.

It also explains how companies can try out the preview. The new network monitoring may soon also be of interest to end-users. Microsoft has already released some MDE features for private users and will continue to expand them in the future.

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