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Microsoft ends support for Exchange Server 2013

Microsoft is now recalling the approaching end of support for Exchange Server 2013. Support for this version will therefore end on April 11, 2023, the so-called mainstream support even stopped four years ago. After this end of support, Microsoft does not provide technical support for the 2013 version and therefore will not provide bug fixes or security updates for newly discovered issues. This makes Exchange Server 2013 an even bigger security problem.

There will be no more updates after patch day April 2023 (April 11). “Exchange Server 2013 will of course continue to work after this date, but due to the risks described above, we strongly recommend migrating from Exchange Server 2013 as soon as possible,” said Scott Schnoll, product marketing manager for Microsoft Exchange, in one. Tech Community Blog Post “If you haven’t started migrating from Exchange Server 2013 to Exchange Online or Exchange Server 2019, now is the time to start planning.”

Various alternatives

Customers who wish to continue to provide their servers with security updates for newly discovered vulnerabilities are advised to upgrade on-premises servers to Exchange Server 2019 now. As another alternative, Microsoft recommends migrating to the hosted email and calendar client Exchange Online, which is available as a standalone service or through an Office 365 subscription.

Exchange Server 2013 was released in early 2013. The upcoming version – Windows Exchange 2025 – was supposed to come out last year as Windows Exchange 2021. The group had postponed the publication and will therefore focus primarily on Windows Exchange 2019. Details about planned features, version updates and the like can be found in the Microsoft Roadmap for Exchange Server published and continuously updated.

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