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Microsoft Edge Comes With ChatGPT Ai Co-Pilot

Microsoft presented its “AI-controlled co-pilot for the web” today in a press event announced at short notice. It’s about the integration of the improved ChatGPT AI – and, which is almost as important for many users – about a new look for the browser.

Some of the new features now presented had already leaked out before Microsoft’s demonstration. Among other things, the new look of Edge and the integration of the next-generation OpenAI model for Bing and Edge have been confirmed.

The first thing that catches your eye is the extensive redesign of the user interface. The profile is now in the left corner instead of the right because it had to make room for the new sidebar, which houses Bing, search, and the Office or Outlook integration. In addition, the corners are now all rounded and the design has been consistently adopted.

Edge with Bing enables a new “way of surfing”

Microsoft explained that they now want to create a new way of surfing the Internet with the help of AI. Like ChatGPT, Bing allows users to chat, ask questions, and get answers in natural language.

In the preview for the new Edge browser, the new OpenAI model will therefore play an important role with “Chat & Compose”. Among other things, Chat can create summaries of websites that you are currently visiting. An option is made available to the user via Compose, with which a writing assistant helps with the creation of texts of all kinds. This can be emails or posts on social media. Chat & Compose is not yet active in Europe.

Start of the preview for insiders

The preview for the new Edge is available now and can be obtained through Microsoft. The new version starts with the Edge build number 111.0.1660.6 in the dev channel. If you are not yet part of the Edge Insider program, you can still start with the Insider test via the website. The preview can be installed alongside the regular Edge version.

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