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Microsoft To Add Weak Password Detection in Edge Browser

Microsoft is working to make surfing the Internet safer with simple tools. The Edge team is currently working on adding a warning function for weak passwords in the web browser. This brings many advantages.

The user Leopeva64-2 discovered this in the pre-release version of the web browser, more precisely when testing the Edge Canary version (via Neowin ). It’s about a revamped password manager that’s currently rolling out to a limited number of Edge Insiders on the Canary channel.

Edge users will then be warned as soon as they try to save a weak password in Edge. The browser also displays a progress bar to show the strength of the password. More complex and difficult-to-guess passwords should be promoted – and above all the awareness not to use any simple passwords that are easy to remember.

Microsoft Edge already has a password manager with some interesting extras. Since this administration is integrated into Edge free of charge, it is also readily accepted by many users.

Work at the very beginning

It is not yet known when Microsoft will release the password strength detection currently being tested for all users. Microsoft isn’t alone in working on an improved password manager. Google has also developed similar advanced features and is currently testing them. As with most new features, they may take a while to become available. It is speculated that the revised password manager could be one of the big changes for Edge.

Project “Phoenix”

About ten days ago we reported on the Phoenix project, as Microsoft calls the redesign of Edge. At that time it was already said that Microsoft would not only adapt the look of the browser but also install numerous new functions.

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