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Microsoft Edge Gets a Gaming Homepage in Windows 11

For a long time, Microsoft didn’t have an easy time convincing Edge users. But things have been going well for the Redmond company since the switch to Chromium. Accordingly, efforts are being made to provide Edge with new features and this is also the case in the autumn update for Windows 11.

It has been a long time since Edge was said to have had a second spring, but in view of the current autumn update for Windows 11, this reference or pun is allowed. The reason for the increased popularity of Edge compared to the first “Spartan” version is not only that Microsoft has changed the engine, but also that the Redmond company is constantly working on their browser.

As such, browser updates run as constant updates that are distributed, but for the Windows 11 2022 Update, Microsoft has taken on a specific topic: gaming. The aim is to make Edge the “best browser for gamers”. Because the Microsoft browser gets a special homepage for gamers with the autumn update, also known as 22H2.

Homepage Designed for Gamers

The new game’s homepage brings gamers closer to all information that is or could be of interest to them. Of course, the whole thing has a Microsoft focus, if only because of the Xbox Game Pass. They can also collect Microsoft Rewards points as soon as they start the browser.

There are also personalized stories and easy access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming library and finally an overview of recently played games. News that gamers might be interested in includes information about upcoming releases, notices of e-sports tournaments, and other news from the gaming world. In addition, the Edge browser has also been technically improved or optimized for gaming, with the so-called Clarity Boost.

This functionality makes gameplay “sharper and clearer” over the cloud, as Microsoft explains. In addition, an efficiency mode improves game performance by automatically reducing browser resource usage when a PC game is launched. Incidentally, not only users of Windows 11 benefit from this but also those of Windows 10.

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