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Windows 10 Optional update is now available to everyone

Microsoft has added an optional, non-security update for the currently fully supported Windows 10 versions. This is the October Patch Day preview. Included are not only bug fixes but also new options. That Update KB5017380 is now available for all Windows 10 users.

A few days ago, builds 19045.2075, 19044.2075, and 19043.2075 was released as part of the Release Preview channel, and now they can also be installed by all other Windows 10 users. If you want, you can now install the update manually and benefit from the changes. This is an update with a long list of bug fixes and improvements – plus some new highlights. We had already presented this in a separate article.

Most importantly, a long-announced change: Microsoft improves security by now disabling Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 by default in Microsoft browsers and applications. The group had already made TLS 1.3 encryption in Windows 10 the standard in 2020.

Incidentally, this not only offers security advantages but also performance advantages. But there are other new features in this update. More on that in the release notes at the end of this post. We have translated the highlights for you.

Install manually

The update KB5017380 is a so-called preview update or optional update. Microsoft used to group these updates under the term “C-Updates”. If nothing comes up, the changes contained therein will be automatically distributed to all users on patch day in August.

However, Microsoft does not start distributing the optional updates at once, as it does with the security-related updates. Optional updates are offered via the Windows Update function. You have to search for and start it yourself via the “Optional Updates” menu item so that it is loaded and installed.

Patch Details: Windows 10 KB5017380 Highlights

  • New! You can now look for the Messages and Interests controls on the taskbar and change them from the Settings app. To change your settings, navigate to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Messages & Interests. Otherwise, right-click the taskbar and choose Taskbar Settings.
  • New! All taskbar orientations now support Messages and Interests. A top left, or right taskbar now has similar features and settings as the horizontal taskbar.
  • Addresses an issue that requires you to reinstall an application if you didn’t get the application from the Microsoft Store. This problem occurs after you upgrade to Windows 10 or a newer operating system.
  • Fixes a rare bug that leads to a blue screen. This occurs when you change the display mode while using more than one display.
  • Fixes an issue that required IE mode tabs to be reloaded in a session.
  • Fixes an issue affecting IE mode after you open a PDF file. If you try to open another page using the same browser window, the page will not open in that browser window.
  • Addresses an issue affecting Microsoft’s Japanese IME when it is active and IME mode is on. When you use the numeric keypad to insert a hyphen (-), the IME inserts the wrong character.
  • Fixes an issue that affects the appearance of the search box. It doesn’t render correctly when you login in to tablet mode.
  • Addresses a known issue affecting daylight saving time in Chile. This issue can affect the time and date used for meetings, applications, tasks, services, transactions, and more.
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