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Microsoft ends selling 12-month Xbox Live Gold memberships

It has been learned that Microsoft has not just discontinued most of its Xbox One consoles but the company has decided to scrap one of the staples of online Xbox gaming.

According to the details, Microsoft confirmed that the company stopped selling 12-month Xbox Live Gold memberships. The users can still buy one-or-three-month memberships, but the company stopped users from buying the Xbox Live Gold membership for a long time.

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The spokesperson of the company didn’t highlight why Microsoft has decided to discontinue the year-long Gold offering. It is pertinent to mention here that Gold membership is required to play most Xbox content online and provides free games each month.

It is hard to ignore the circumstances of Microsoft’s move as the decision comes just as the company unveiled plans to bundle Project xCould with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and otherwise expanding the gaming services ahead of the launching of Xbox Series X.

The details of Microsoft’s plan doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will drop all the features associated with the Xbox Live Gold membership, but don’t be surprised if Microsoft changes the criteria of how you get those features.

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