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Microsoft Initiates Windows 10 Insider Bug Bash Round

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A few years have passed since the last bug bash round for Windows insiders. Now Microsoft wants to revive the program, however. A new round should start in just a few days. The focus is on the upcoming Windows 10 21H2.

With Microsoft’s Bug Bash, Windows users have the opportunity to find bugs in experimental versions of the operating system and transmit them to Redmond. Here, the developers concentrate primarily on software elements for which little feedback has been submitted in the past. In addition to general problems, errors in the display of the user interface also play a role in Bug Bash rounds.

Quests on May 17th

Microsoft is making various quests available on May 17th, which can then be worked on in the following weeks. The quests are everyday tasks related to features that will be included in the Windows 10 21H2. If errors occur during processing, the bugs should be reported immediately. A total of 18 quests are available. Those who have successfully completed the Bug Bash round and completed the tasks will be rewarded with a badge.

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In order to be able to participate in the Bug Bash, registration in the Windows 10 Insider Program is required. It is irrelevant which insider channel a user is logged on to. Since the Bug Bash rounds are for the latest builds, an update should be done before starting any quests.

If you meet the requirement, you can open the corresponding page in the Feedback Hub. All further details can be found here. The quests are published on a daily basis. Errors and problems should also be submitted later via the Windows 10 app.