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Microsoft Fixes Outlook Client Update Problems

Microsoft has managed to overlook a bug in the latest version of the Outlook desktop client that was pretty obvious to many users: messages were simply displayed in fragments and new content could not be created.

The problem became apparent after the installed Outlook client version 2104 was updated to build 13929.20372, which happens automatically for most users. The software then only displayed the first line (s) of an email. Entries that had already been made disappeared again as if by magic when writing new messages.

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Microsoft reacted very quickly to the incoming complaints and started the investigation. It turned out that one was actually dealing with a bug that probably not only affected very few users with exotic system configurations. As a first workaround, it was recommended that the affected users switch to an Outlook app on their smartphone or web access to the mailbox if possible, since no problems occurred in either case.

Downgrade Also Works

In addition, work began immediately on a corrected version of the latest update. This is now also available, but is being rolled out to users step by step, so that in an emergency you can react more quickly to new problems and keep the circle of those affected smaller.

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If you have not yet received the fix and are already affected by the faulty variant, you can also perform a downgrade. This is comparatively easy here. First, change the command prompt with cd “C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ microsoft shared \ ClickToRun” to the correct directory and call the corresponding routine there with officec2rclient.exe / update user updatetoversion = 16.0.13901.20462on. The previous version will then be downloaded and installed automatically, after restarting Outlook everything should work again.

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