Microsoft is bidding farewell to Cortana

Windows 10

Back in 2014, Microsoft introduced Cortana. In case you don’t know Cortana is the virtual assistant of Microsoft just like Apple’s Siri. Cortana assists users in performing several tasks via voice commands. Recently, some fresh pieces of information suggest that the company is bidding farewell to its virtual assistant. The Cortana app is removed with the most recent Windows 11 version. well, the reason behind this appears to be that now the company will wager on AI.

Microsoft’s Cortana is going away

A report from Windows Latest indicated that the company released an update for the Cortana app for the first time in the last two years. however, the update didn’t include any new features. In contrast to new features, the update has killed Cortana. It now showcases a message that reads “Cortana in Windows as a standalone app is deprecated.”

Besides this, a support article from the company indicates that apps like Outlook and Microsoft Teams will have integration for Cortana. But it seems like it won’t last long either. The maker of Windows claims that it will now concentrate on generative AI-powered Bing Search and Windows Copilot.

We won’t continue to support Cortana on Windows as a standalone app starting in August 2023. However, Windows and Edge, which have improved AI capabilities, still offer strong productivity advantages, according to Microsoft. We look forward to employing AI to help you work more swiftly and intelligently in the future.

Windows Latest reports that the app won’t be functional on the older version of Windows in the upcoming weeks. Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise since Microsoft is working in association with OpenAI to improve ChatGPT. In this favor, if the company gives up on a years old tech then it is surely for good reasons.

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