Amazon divisions are working on generative AI

Since AI has been introduced in the technological world, it has carved its way towards integration on every platform. Every platform is aiming to provide these services via their platforms. During a recent earnings call, the integration of AI initiatives into every Amazon business was discussed.

Although Jassy could not specify the exact areas of concentration, he did remark that the company’s attempts to integrate AI would span from improving cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency to revolutionizing client experiences. Furthermore, he hinted at AI advancements coming to Alexa, which the business may demonstrate at their future presentation on September 20th.

“It’s true in our Stores business, it’s true in our AWS business, it’s true in our advertising business, it’s true in all our devices, and you can imagine what we’re working on with Alexa there. It’s true in all of our entertainment businesses, every single one.” It will be central to all we do. “This is a significant investment and focus for us,” Jassy explained.

Amazon isn’t the only platform focusing on AI

Amazon isn’t the only platform that is focusing on the integration of AI into its platforms. Other than Amazon, Microsoft has already introduced Bing AI Chatbot into its services, and along with that, it’s now planning to further introduce it in the Windows operating system.

Similarly, anticipating competition from Microsoft, Google has been developing a host of generative AI services, including the new Google Search Generative Experience, which has the potential to revolutionize how we search for items on the internet. While Apple has been cautious in its AI efforts, the business is apparently working on an AI chatbot that will run on the company’s newly built “Ajax” framework, a cooperation between Apple and Google’s JAX machine learning framework and Google Cloud.

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