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Microsoft is looking for Android Experts new AMPX unit is expanding

There is further evidence that Microsoft plans to continue working on Android support and integration with Windows this year. A few days ago there was already news that a new department is being set up for this purpose. Now comes the next step: Microsoft is recruiting and looking for new employees for the unit “Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences” or AMPX for short. According to a new report (via Neowin According to the report, AMPX will be responsible for improving Android integration into Windows. For now, this likely means the department will either focus entirely on the revamped Phone Link app — or create new offerings.

Many Android projects, now under one roof

Additionally, all of Microsoft’s other Android projects, including Surface Duo OS, SwiftKey, and Microsoft Launcher, are also covered by AMPX. Initially, internal reports said no layoffs were planned. Now the opposite is clear: Microsoft is upgrading with new hires.

That’s welcome because users of Microsoft’s own Android applications and Surface Duo OS users have always waited way too long for updates and new features. Microsoft AMPX is now looking for talent to join the new AMPX team at the company’s headquarters in Redmond. The company recently posted a series of senior software engineer job openings in AMPX. The last ads were from April 12.

The restructuring at Microsoft is currently in full swing. One can now speculate whether this vacancy means that there will finally be better Android support on Windows 11 or that the support will finally be broadened. At least you can see that something is happening again.