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Microsoft is now accepting Android apps on Windows 11

Microsoft hasn’t updated Windows 11 with Android app support in quite some time. One of our main issues with the rollout, though, has been the small number of compatible apps offered on the Amazon Appstore. Although the Appstore has expanded steadily, Microsoft is only now formally accepting Android app submissions from all developers who wish to market their products on Windows.

Not to be confused with the Amazon Appstore for Android apps on Windows, Microsoft just revealed several AI-powered improvements to the Microsoft Store for native Windows apps and PWAs. The footnotes, however, subtly concealed a declaration that Microsoft is now accepting Android app submissions from all developers. The developer must just have an Amazon app developer account as the only requirement.

Microsoft’s developer resources are recommended for developers interested in listing their Android apps for usage on Windows to ensure the program can manage window resizing without difficulty. On laptops running Windows 11, this is a crucial necessity, but it isn’t always something to consider on standard Android smartphones. The right mapping of touch-optimized program to WSA’s matching keyboard and mouse inputs is another requirement for developers. Thank goodness, the Amazon Appstore gives thorough instructions on how to do this.

Though somewhat tardy, Microsoft’s initiative is still very much needed. However, it might take some time before developers start delivering software and upgrades made especially for Windows 11 users. Consider sideloading apps on WSA with our practical tutorial if you’re eager to test out programs on your PC.

With support for Android 13 and other features like picture-in-picture, WSA is improving with time. Despite this, only a few geographical areas continue to have access to the stable version of WSA, while many more continue to be without it. The expansion may potentially be hindered by the Amazon Appstore’s restricted availability, although it would be good to see things improve as WSA develops.

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