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Microsoft launches new feature for free Clipchamp video version

Microsoft has announced fundamental improvements to its Clipchamp video editor. After the group took over the video startup last year, the offering is now being revised. The changes are available immediately. Among other things, Microsoft is now polishing the features in the free version of Clipchamp such that videos with a maximum of 480p can no longer be exported as before, but support for 1080p is starting.

Anyone previously discouraged by Clipchamp’s pricing model from taking a closer look at its offerings may now be pleasantly surprised: Microsoft is cutting prices across all rate tiers. With 1080p support in the free version of Clipchamp, you no longer have to pay a premium for a relatively basic feature, and there are more features and lower prices on the other plans too. The overview has been revised and is now available online

Subscriptions start at $9 per month

All paid plans come with unlimited cloud storage, 1080p export (Full HD), unlimited video export, and unlimited audio stock for free use. The creator account now starts at $9 per month, the regular business account is now available for $19 per month. As a Business Platinum customer you now pay €39 per month. With annual payment, all prices are reduced by an additional 30 percent.

However, it remains exciting to see what else Microsoft has planned for the service. At the time of the acquisition, it was rumored that the Clipchamp features needed to be integrated into Microsoft 365 to add a practical video editor to the Office suite. However, nothing of the kind has happened so far.