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Microsoft Office to be replaced by Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office has inhabited our devices for more than 30 years. But perhaps now is the time for Microsoft Office to retire. Does that mean that apps like Word and Excel are going non-functional? Don’t worry it’s just the suite of tools that is going to change. Microsoft has decided and announced in its Ignite conference on Wednesday that it will be changing Microsoft Office to Microsoft 365 with some new looks and icons.

Though the two may sound similar there are major differences between Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365. One of the key differences is the price. Previously Microsoft Office was a product that was available as a one-time purchase. Now Microsoft 365 users will have to opt for a monthly subscription. The users can enjoy the latest updates with Microsoft 365 whereas the users with Microsoft Office will have to pay for the new version of the software. 

When it comes to workplace software, Microsoft Office is undoubtedly one of the most used software. It was initially released in 1990. Microsoft mentioned in a statement that it will still offer one-time purchases for Office 2021 apps like Word, Outlook, and Excel.

The corporate vice president of Microsoft shared that Microsoft 365 is accompanied by the latest and advanced features. It will act as a hub from where the files could be easily accessed. Furthermore, a feed will be launched that will help the users to keep track of their meetings and updates from the people they follow. The updates will enable the users to adapt to the changing workstyles.

It is expected that Microsoft 365 will be accessible for use by November, starting with Office.com. In accordance with the FAQ page of Microsoft, the updates to the Office app for windows and mobile phones will be available from January 2023 onwards.

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