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Microsoft Officially Ends Windows 10X

Windows 10X

As part of the release of the May 2021 update, Microsoft officially heralds the end of Windows 10X. The operating system planned as a Chrome OS competitor will not be further developed for the time being. Selected functions should work in Windows 10 and various services.

Between the lines of a new blog post about the installation of the Windows 10 May 2021 update (version 21H1), which is now available, the Redmond-based company is hiding the confirmation that the rumors have intensified in recent weeks – Windows 10X is being put on hold. Similar to the offshoots of Windows RT and Windows 10 S-Mode, the failure of the operating system, which was once optimized for dual-screen devices and later for low-budget systems, was predicted by experts even before its launch.

Windows 10X Failed

Microsoft has to admit defeat once again in an attempt to place alternative operating systems on the market apart from classic Windows. The official reason given by the company is that after research and discussions with customers, it became clear to them that Windows 10X technologies should not only be limited to a small subgroup of users but should be made available to a wider audience. The logical conclusion was presented a few days ago in the code of an insider preview: Windows 10X merges with Windows 10.

“Rather than launching a product called Windows 10X in 2021, as we originally intended, we are capitalizing on lessons from our journey to date and accelerating the integration of key 10X core technology with other parts of Windows and products across the enterprise.”, so the official wording. The functions taken over include the app container, an improved voice typing experience, and a modernized touch keyboard along with sounds, colors, and animations.

After the Windows 10, May 2021 update (21H1) is comparatively small despite the “Feature Update” status, Microsoft is putting all its effort into the Sun Valley (21H2) planned for autumn. With it, the Redmond-based company wants to give their operating system a visually clearly visible rejuvenation treatment, in which, in all likelihood, selected accents from Windows 10X will also be found.

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