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Microsoft Outlook Rolls Out New Suggested Feature For Replies And Attachments

The start of the distribution of the new feature has already been discovered by the employees at Neowin. Accordingly, Microsoft must have given the go-ahead a few days ago, because the details of the rollout were added to the official roadmap for Microsoft 365 last week. It says there now. “We’re adding a new option to the suggested answers in Outlook. If someone asks you for a file now, Outlook will show you a suggested answer to attach a file and recommend potential files from OneDrive and Sharepoint.”

This means that the AI-supported suggestions are now highlighted in the attachments. Previously, in the selection in the drop-down menu on Outlook.com for attachments, it was possible to search through various storage locations and select attachments from there. With the new suggestion function, adding attachments should work even faster, as Outlook learns which files might be in demand right now. This works, among other things, via a context analysis.

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Content analysis for proposals

The function now extends the option, which was launched around two years ago, of suggesting responses to Outlook on the web-based on the content of an email. With this function, users can quickly select preset answers without having to write a text themselves. Over time, the function has been continuously improved and now extended to the attachments. According to Neowin, the feature should initially only start in English-speaking countries, but that must be a mistake.

In our attempt, the new suggestion option was also shown in the German interface. However, the new option is initially limited to Outlook on the web and will be activated gradually, i.e. not for all users at the same time.

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