Microsoft Planning Cheaper Windows 365 For Private Users

Private users will not be left out in the future with Microsoft’s Windows 365. The company will put together appropriate packages here, which are to be offered even cheaper than the previously marketed business variants.

Windows 365 is the cloud version of a classic Windows PC. The operating system runs in its own cloud instance and only the user interface is streamed to a local device. This means that the individual Windows environment with all settings, data, and applications is available everywhere without having to always have your own computer with you.

The fact that Microsoft is planning a variant for private users has already emerged from court documents that became public in the course of wiretapping in a legal dispute with the US trade authority FTC. The US magazine WindowsLatest claims to have learned more details from unspecified sources. Among other things, the price will be cheaper than with the previously provided business variants.

Various Packages

Anything else would be surprising. Because private users are likely to use their cloud Windows instance to a much lesser extent than is the case with business users, who sometimes work with it throughout the entire working day. It is not yet clear how much Windows 365 will cost in the private user version. That will probably only be determined in detail at the start scheduled for autumn.

According to reports, however, it will also mean that Microsoft will offer several versions. There should be a license for individual private users, but also one for families. The latter would then offer lower prices compared to individual licenses and each family member would have access to their own instance.

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