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Microsoft plans to include ads in the Bing AI chatbot

Just one great move and Microsoft has successfully made a comeback in the browser wars. It has around 100 million daily active users all thanks to the AI chatbot. Despite this, it is a fact that in contrast to a traditional search, an AI chatbot is more expensive. In order to cater to this problem, the company has decided to incorporate ads in the Bing AI chatbot’s responses. The ads will be about relevant products and services. currently, only a few users have been presented with ads. It is speculated that they will become common in the future.

Yusuf Mehdi, corporate VP for Search and Devices at Microsoft, revealed that they are looking into more capabilities for publishing, including those from over 7,500 Microsoft Start partner companies. Mehdi announced this new business strategy in a blog post. These features entail inserting advertisements into the chat experience and compensating partners whose content contributed to the chat response with a portion of the ad income. When a user lingers over a link, the corporation is also thinking of displaying more links from an advertiser’s website.

In addition to this, the company is pondering introducing rich captions from its Start personalized news feed publishers. They will be inserted next to the Bing AI chatbot’s responses. In this way, users will be presented with more context and ultimately it will enhance the engagement of users with the chatbot.

Microsoft’s blog post reads ‘In order to increase user engagement with the material on Microsoft Start, where we split ad income with the partner, we aid our Microsoft Start partners by presenting a rich caption of Microsoft Start licensed content next to the chat response. To share ad revenue with partners whose content influenced the chat response, we are also considering including advertisements in the chat experience.’

Well, of course, the company is taking the steps that will help it to balance monetization and enhance user experience side by side.

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