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Microsoft Plans To Launch Surface Duo Before Galaxy Z Fold 2

Microsoft’s plans for the two new devices Surface Duo and Surface Neo have been officially postponed. But now there is a rumor that the company plans to forcefully launch the duo before the Galaxy Fold 2.

The logic behind it is simple: only if Microsoft presents its own folding device with price, availability, and specifications before the start of the new, improved version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, you have a good chance of selling the device. Because the target group of folding smartphones is still very small, especially since the devices presented so far also had a high price.

New appointments are constantly mentioned

The rumor behind the plan to launch the Surface Duo this summer comes from Zac Bowden. On Twitter, he reported that there is now an update to the schedule for the Surface Duo. Microsoft has postponed its internal plans to launch the device later this month. From this, the actually well-informed editor of Windows Central concludes that the duo will be released sometime this summer, only later than originally planned – because only a month ago Bowden had spread the rumor that the duo would not be launched for Christmas business as originally intended, but already in July.

Surprise or not?

Microsoft announced its first two folding devices, the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo, in October last year. At that time it was said that both devices should be on the market by the end of 2020. Then there were rumors that the plan was not sustainable. Finally, the group confirmed that the market launch had to be postponed. Corona had thwarted the original plans, both hardware and software development (Windows 10X and the adapted Android ) is behind schedule.

That the rumor has been going on for weeks that Microsoft now wants to start the Surface Duo at least as quickly as possible makes sense if one assumes that Microsoft is initially concentrating on just one device.

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