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Microsoft plans to use customized ARM chips to compete with Apple’s Silicon

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With Apple Silicon, the Mac lineup has witnessed significant advancements in terms of power, efficiency, and other factors over the past couple of years. It now appears like Microsoft is attempting to overtake Apple by developing its own proprietary silicon. The company is getting Windows 12 ready to be optimized for the new ARM CPUs.

According to Windows Latest, a number of fresh job advertisements revealed information on Microsoft’s plans for a unique ARM processor. The job listings include the following:

  • Principal System on Chip (SoC) Silicon Architect
  • Senior Physical Design Verification Engineer
  • Senior Silicon Power Integrity CAD Manager
  • Principal Design Engineer

The majority of the custom silicon jobs that the business categorizes as belonging to the “Microsoft Silicon Team” were only recently posted, with a few appearing a little earlier. According to Microsoft, the Principal SoC Silicon Architect’s duties are as follows: By using your significant knowledge to develop hardware architectures and features, you will be on the cutting edge of computing, forming enduring connections with numerous cross-functional groups to produce high-performance and unique silicon System on Chip (SoC).

The details demonstrate that Microsoft is actively pursuing its own ARM chip technology rather than passively watching Apple. Windows Latest also reveals that Microsoft might be working to optimize Windows 12 for bespoke silicon, which is scheduled to release in 2024. Microsoft’s Windows Core project, which aims to develop a modular and adaptable version of Windows for various form factors, is said to be the source of Windows 12. The addition of inside ARM chips could enhance Windows 12’s hardware and software capabilities even more. Furthermore, the diversity of AI functions that Windows 12 is developing would be another area that would profit from in-house ARM CPUs.

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