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Apple Silicon is the market leader for ARM chips and will fuel growth

Apple Silicon, which controls 90% of the ARM computer industry, is expected to double in size, according to analysts. By 2027, the market share of PCs with ARM processors is predicted to double. These estimates have been shared in Counterpoint Research’s most recent report. They currently have a 14% market share, and analysts predict that this will rise to 25%.

Apple has gained 90% of the market for ARM-based notebook computers due to its M-series of chips. These are mostly based on ARM chip architecture. However, ARM chip manufacturers must take care of issues like Windows and Office365 support and fast native programs if they wish to contribute to the market’s expansion.

System-on-a-chips (SoC) based on the ARM chip architecture are much more flexible in contrast to Intel’s x86 chip architecture. x86 is intended to be a general-purpose CPU. For this reason, Apple needs to have more high-performance CPU cores and integrated memory to compete with x86 CPUs. So, various companies can create these chips. Advanced functions like artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks, like Apple’s Neural Engine that it incorporates in its processors, are made possible by the bespoke cores. Additionally, ARM processors can be modified to fit certain power needs and made more power-efficient.

Performance can be boosted by integrating GPUs into the processors which in turn boosts computing activities like machine learning and image recognition. As a result, it makes it possible to run sophisticated apps and software on ARM-based machines and enables faster and more accurate computing results.

For virtual reality headsets, which currently use smartphone processors, companies can also customize ARM chips. ARM chips can assist the headsets in achieving PC-like performance to handle complicated virtual reality applications. For instance, some rumors indicate that the headset by Apple would be accompanied by a custom chip. This custom chip will ensure that the headset is a standalone device that will be independent of any accompanying gadget like an iPhone. Another report suggests that such a custom chip could feature processing similar to the one presented by M1 or even the M2 chip.

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