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Microsoft Promises New Features For Windows 11 Before October 2022

Windows 11 Updates

Microsoft has announced with the new release cycles of Windows 11 that they will only be issuing one major function update per year. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for new functions until then.

At least that’s what Paul Thurrott thinks and gives new fodder to speculations about the future releases of Windows. The background to this is that a report from Microsoft developers surfaced in mid-November. In a question and answer session on Windows 11, it was said that a general performance increase in UI interactions will only come with the Windows 11 22H2 update in the coming autumn. Before that is finished. So far, Microsoft had actually revealed very little about future updates and schedules for Windows.

What next with feature updates?

But now there is a hint from the Windows Insider Program because Thurrott considers it important with regard to upcoming feature updates: Microsoft has expressly confirmed that it will not wait for the next major version of Windows 11 to deal with the many problems with the operating system to fix – this also applies to new functions.

“New features and operating system enhancements from [Windows Insider] builds may show up in future versions of Windows when they’re ready, and we can provide them as full operating system updates or maintenance releases,” reads Microsoft’s post on Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509. Basically, the Windows team explains that you can publish small function updates at any time and will do so. That should please many users who decided against switching to Windows 11 after the last reports.

Incidentally, this is not entirely new. A few years ago Microsoft began to distribute new functions via updates that are not to be regarded as classic major updates. For example, the Windows Feature Experience Pack introduces a new feature regardless of the operating system version. In addition, the development team has been working harder on improving the update process itself for a few months now. All of this should serve to release functions at any time and not to wait for the annual updates.

Thurrott also says Microsoft could release quarterly service updates for Windows 11 next year that contain new features and changes, but that’s just a guess, he doesn’t name a source.

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