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Microsoft Registers New Patent For Surface Phone With Three Screens

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It was reported earlier that Microsoft is actively building a new Surface Phone with dual screens, later we got some live images and video of Surface duo leaked, the guy was using the device in a metro train who seems to be a developer.  

Now even before launching the duo Microsoft has registered a new patent indicates that the Redmond company Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone with three displays. The device may be launched as a successor to the Surface Duo. However, An official announcement is still pending.

The device shown in the patent is a foldable smartphone. As is already the case with the two dual-screen devices Surface Duo and Neo, two separate screens are installed inside of the smartphone. In addition, the Surface Phone shown in the patent has a third display, which is located on the hinge and could display a status bar.

It Could Be a Surface Duo successor

The patent was originally applied for on August 7, 2019, and has now been published a few days ago. It is conceivable that the device will be used as a Surface Duo successor next year. At the moment, however, it can only be speculated under which name Microsoft would market the smartphone. The Surface Duo is an Android smartphone that should see the market light by the end of the year.

Microsoft Hasn’t Announced Yet

Of course, it is still important to note that this is only a patent. It is possible that the concept can never be found in a final product. There is no official statement from Microsoft so far but tipsters say it could be a surface Neo, so it is rather unclear whether the Redmond company is actually working on a Surface Phone with three screens or not. But as we see the patents getting shaped in the future it can be assumed easily that Microsoft is working on the three-screens phone and it would come out within one year.

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