Microsoft Releases New Xbox Series S Version In Carbon Black

Microsoft not only gave a detailed look at “Starfield” last night but also presented new Xbox hardware. The Xbox Series S is now also available in a new black version with double the memory.

So far, anyone who wanted to buy the Microsoft Xbox Series S only had the option of purchasing a version with 512 gigabytes of memory. Also, until now there was only one color: white. But the Xbox Series S is also a cheap way to get into the Xbox ecosystem with the latest hardware, after all, according to the WinFuture price comparison, the device only costs just under 270 euros.

From now on you have a little more choice with the Xbox Series S: Microsoft is introducing a new model with internal flash memory doubled to one terabyte, which comes in a black housing. Visually, the smaller console is compared to the large Series X, and the two variants of the Microsoft game console are now also on par when it comes to memory.

Available from September

For the US, Microsoft is asking for $349.99 for the black Xbox Series S 1TB in “Carbon Black”. In Europe, there is a 1:1 conversion in this case, so the new version of the Xbox starts in the EU for 349.99 euros. The availability should be given in Europe and the USA from September 1, 2023.

If you want, you can pre-order the Xbox Series S Carbon Black 1TB now to have the device delivered directly when it becomes available. There are no games or other extras for the black 1TB edition of the console. Due to the larger memory, the owners of the Xbox Series S have the opportunity to store more games locally with the new model, after all, the smaller of the two current Microsoft consoles does not have an optical drive.

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