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Microsoft Removing Some Data Types From Excel Including Money, Wolfram

Microsoft informed the Microsoft 365 subscribers over the weekend to inform them that it would be taking two of the most important features out of Excel in the coming year that is: money in Excel as well as Wolfram Data Types within Excel. Furthermore, Microsoft is discontinuing added value offered by its partners from June 30th, 2023.

“Microsoft is committed to improving your Microsoft 365 subscription,” an email sent by Microsoft 365 reads. “As a consequence, we often remove unneeded options and advantages. This email provides information on three features we intend to take away next year.”

These features include:

Money in Excel. Beginning on June 30th, 2023 Microsoft will be separating your account with your financial institution from your workbook and you won’t be able to make any changes to your financial transactions. The positive side? Excel will keep the workbook along with any data it holds. In order to ease the pain, Microsoft is partnering with Tiller, described as “the most efficient, simple way to manage your money using Microsoft Excel’s capabilities Microsoft Excel”–to give customers the opportunity to try a free 60 days the personal finance spreadsheet. Learn more about the service here.

Wolfram Data Types in Excel. Beginning on June 11 2023 Microsoft is going to stop supporting Wolfram-type data in Excel. Customers will be able to keep their current data from Wolfram but will not be able to create the new Wolfram data types and refresh data, follow hyperlinks, browse new images, or download templates containing Wolfram data.

Exclusive deals from partners. Microsoft provides a range of benefits through its partners, however, these will cease to be offered at the end of June 2023. Prior to that date, you may still avail of deals. You can view these deals here.

It’s a bit difficult for me to remember these items I’m sure all of them were only accessible in Excel when you signed up for Microsoft 365. This means that you won’t have these features if you purchased a perpetual copy or a perpetual version of Microsoft Excel or Office. Money in Excel debuted one year ago in June of 2020. Also, Wolfram Data Types in Excel was released in that same period.