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Microsoft revises DirectX drivers update released


Microsoft uses its own kernel driver for the graphics acceleration of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Now the developers of the Redmond company have ported DirectX 12 for Linux and fundamentally revised the driver. An update has also been provided.

The updated version of the Linux driver dxgkrnl was developed by Microsoft developer Iouri Tarassov presented. The kernel driver is used for GPU support in WSL. After a first version of the driver was heavily criticized, the Redmond-based company incorporated some changes and new functions into the open-source code and eliminated points of criticism. The virtualized graphics hardware is now fully supported in the WSL.

Driver from scratch

The new driver should have been created from scratch in order to be able to check the functionality better. In addition, the DirectX driver code has been moved to the Hyper-V area of ​​the Linux kernel. Microsoft justifies this step by saying that the code is also used in connection with non-graphics hardware. However, the developer Greg Kroah-Hartman is not yet satisfied with the patches for the driver and calls for a further split.

WSL version 0.51.0

In addition, Microsoft recently updated the WSL. Users now have the option to download build 0.51.0 with kernel version from the Microsoft Store. The update improves kernel configuration and enables some previously missing options for ARM64. A full changelog can be found at GitHub Find.

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