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Microsoft starts new Security Update Guide notification system


Microsoft introduces new notifications for security updates. The group has announced that Notifications for the Security Update Guide to improve based on user feedback. The new implementation starts immediately. It is about the Microsoft Security Update Guide, which is an important contact point for administrators and IT pros to get information about security updates for various Microsoft products.

The Security Update Guide is getting a new notification system, which Microsoft says will make receiving security update notifications easier and more accessible. From now on, you don’t need a Live ID to log in to the Security Update Guide. Users can now register with any email address and receive the notifications directly in their inbox. Until now, you could only log into the notification system with a live ID. In addition, notifications will be automated and simplified, and users will be able to manage their settings themselves via the security update guide.

As Microsoft announces, the new system will be rolled out in three phases, starting with creating profiles and signing up for the new notifications. After that, the security update guide notifications will be released both on the new system and with the old system. There should be a transition phase for this. Once enough users have migrated to the new system, notifications from the old system will be discontinued.

According to Microsoft, customers can sign up for the new notifications themselves in the Security Update Guide by going through the registration process using the “Sign In” button (top right of the desktop). Then you can put together the list of notifications you want to receive via “Edit profile” and “E-mail notifications”. “You will be notified when information is added or changed in the security update guide. You can sign up for the new notification system today, so you can receive notifications from the second phase to the email address of your choice,” explains Microsoft in one blog post.


Phase one, the registration phase, is already underway. Phase Two begins next month (February 2022). When the old system is switched off depends directly on the registrations. The faster admins change, the faster Microsoft will scrap the old system.


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