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Microsoft Security chip Pluton is disabled by default on Lenovo Thinkpads

Microsoft has developed a new security chip Pluton that should take over the functions of a TPM. While Lenovo plans to add the chip to some of its laptops, Pluton would remain disabled by default. Users can manually activate the chip. The security chip is integrated into AMD’s Ryzen Mobile 6000 series. As part of CES, Lenovo announced a few weeks ago that the processors can be found in future laptops. It should be the Thinkpad models Z13, Z16, T14, T16, P16s and X13. According to The register Microsoft Pluton is supported by the built-in processors, but is not activated in the devices from the factory.

Anyone who wants to use Microsoft Pluton has of course the option to activate the security chip via the BIOS. With Pluton, the Redmond-based Windows computers want to be better protected against attacks and thus improve the security of the systems. Compared to a conventional Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Pluton has the advantage that the functions are integrated directly into the CPU. Critics fear that Microsoft only offers many features in combination with Windows 11 and thus blocks other operating systems.

Same Expected by other manufacturers

Lenovo is probably not the only manufacturer to leave the decision to use the security chip to the customer. According to AMD, Microsoft’s Pluton is an optional feature, so manufacturers can choose whether to enable the chip by default. It can be assumed that other OEMs will also follow Lenovo’s approach and have Pluton deactivated in the first instance.