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Microsoft Surface Duo Now Available At Cheaper Price $400

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Microsoft’s first Android smartphone from the Surface series, which is often referred to as a hybrid of phone and tablet, is now being sold at a bargain price. In the USA, you can buy a dual-screen device with a central hinge for a good 400 dollars.

A few months ago, the Surface Duo was much cheaper with prices around the $750 mark than when it was launched, when it cost almost $1,500. Now the bargain specialist Woot is turning the price down quite a bit. You can get a new Surface Duo there today for prices starting at just $ 409.99.

The dual-screen smartphone, which is actually supposed to show as a kind of lighthouse product, how Microsoft envisions the future of mobile computing, is being sold at Woot in the 128 GB version at the lowest price so far. For $ 100 more you can buy the 256-gigabyte version of internal memory.

The low price makes it clear that the demand is unlikely to meet Microsoft’s expectations. However, it also comes about because the devices sold via Woot are apparently models that were actually intended for sale via the US network operator AT&T. They, therefore, have a SIM lock and can only be used in the AT&T network.

Even at a very low price, interest in the Surface Duo is likely to remain subdued in the USA. Most customers buy their wireless hardware there any way through the network operator as part of a contract. In addition, the Surface Duo has not been particularly well received by the testers since it was launched, as the dual-screen smartphone, which is equipped with two 5.6-inch full HD displays, has a number of weaknesses, first and foremost the extremely disappointing camera.