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Microsoft Teams And Skype Cross-platform Chat And Calling To Launch Soon


Microsoft is actively working on integrations, previously it was reported that Microsoft has introduced the All-in-One app for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The integrations to bring more ease to users is getting even faster. Today it is reported that Microsoft Teams and Skype are being connected to bring advanced cross-platform chat and calling features which will let users collaborate, talk, chat and make video or voice calls between the platforms.

Initially, Microsoft Teams emerged from Skype for Business, with the traditional version of the VoIP client teams had little or no similarities or overlaps. But that should change a bit soon. Microsoft Teams was once known as Skype Teams, of course, because Skype for Business was the foundation. The brand name Skype was later dropped, however, to avoid confusion with conventional Skype for end-users and consumers. Nevertheless, it makes sense to link the two platforms with each other, since both are eventually communication applications.

Cross Communication Would Be Done By The End Of March

According to the details, the Redmond Company is currently working on this for a while and according to Dr. Windows is getting closer to the end of the project. By the end of March 2020, the early users should be able to use the connection between the two platforms. Specifically, this means that Skype and Microsoft Teams users can chat with each other and also make voice calls flawlessly. The communication and call features would be connected via the respective email addresses. Microsoft has also confirmed the information officially because all Office 365 customers are currently being informed by email that users will be able to experience the integration between the platforms in the near future.

The unlimited Skype/Teams freedom does not therefore necessarily or automatically break out because Office 365 administrators would be required to enable this option. The reason for keeping the option in the hands of administrators to turn it on or off is, of course, that some companies and organizations do not want their employees to communicate with the outside world in this way.

Not For Skype Users

Furthermore, this only works in one-way, because Skype users cannot simply contact a Microsoft Teams user. Only the Microsoft team users would be able to connect with Skype users. This option seems to be more interesting for developers and tech engineers, the teams that are working remotely or hired outside the organizations could be attached to the main team in this way with getting to users two different applications at the same time.

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