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Microsoft Teams New Chat Feature Is Here

After getting a refreshed design a couple of months ago, Microsoft has now something else to update, In this regard, an updated roadmap shows that Microsoft Teams will be expanded to include an essential function this month. The Redmond-based company wants to make it possible to have group chats with members outside of their own organization.

After Microsoft significantly increased the number of innovations for the currently popular communication tool Teams in April, further features will follow in May. One of the most recently emerged is the possibility of inviting users to group chats, even if they are not part of your own team. The work on this function is confirmed by the Microsoft 365 roadmap, which is currently scheduled for completion in the course of the current month. Worldwide distribution for all desktop and mobile apps from Microsoft Teams is planned.

Staying With Competition

The Redmond-based company is reacting, among other things, to the novelties of its competitor Slack. With the so-called “Connect DMs”, he launched a similar function back in March, which can be used both by users as part of paid corporate subscriptions and by those with a free membership. Opportunities to contact “external” users within Microsoft Teams are already offered in addition to the planned group chats via classic individual chats, (video) calls, and meetings.

So-called “shared channels” are still a long time coming. The postponed function at the beginning of the year would have made it possible to invite external users instead of group chats to normal team channels in the company. Slack handles it in a similar way, including the free channel guest function, which is limited to one text channel per user. In our review of the April highlights of the tool, you can find out what adjustments the developers at Microsoft Teams have made in recent weeks

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