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Microsoft Defender For Endpoint Now Checks Security Of macOS And Linux

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Incorporate networks, Microsoft has now started evaluating the security of Linux and macOS devices with “Microsoft Defender for Endpoint” (formerly known as Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, ATP).

The group is thus expanding its security concept to other operating systems. This step had been announced for some time, but so far there has not been a specific date for availability. As of now, Microsoft has now added support for identifying and evaluating security configurations for Linux and macOS in a beta test run. This emerges from an announcement for the configuration check for the two OS.

Transparency is Security

The functions for evaluating secure configurations are now also new for these platforms. With this extension, companies can identify, prioritize and correct over 30 known unsafe configurations in macOS and Linux in order to improve the security situation of their company. “We will continuously expand the initial set of supported configuration evaluations in order to bring more transparency into your security situation,” said Microsoft manager Gilad Mittelman at the start of the test series.

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Microsoft Defender is now introducing the extension of protection for devices with macOS or Linux in a public preview version. Previously, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint had only supported Windows 10 and Windows Server devices. The feature is implemented as a component of Microsoft’s device security assessment. The higher the security rating, the more resistant the individual endpoints in an organization’s network are to cybersecurity attacks. The fact that other operating systems have now been included in this assessment is a good addition to the service.

The new Microsoft Defender feature identifies misconfigured systems and then provides recommended measures to increase security. In order to increase the security of the devices, you only have to follow the individual tips.

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