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Microsoft Teams will receive video filter effects and avatar

During the pandemic, there was a huge surge in software related to video conferencing. Among the video conferencing platforms, Microsoft Teams was one of the preferred choices. it was used by consumers for business meetings and informal catchups. It would be no surprise that the company continues to invest in the product and present it as the best video calling app.

As of now, the company has introduced a new feature to Teams. Reportedly, the company has added the filters feature to Teams. Using this feature, consumers will be able to express their personalities in the best possible way. The blog post by the company suggests that animated frames and video hue-altering are added to the visual effects. Besides these, some current features enable users to blur the background and modify the video feed in order to hide blemishes.

Teams’ filters and avatars

The company introduced the new filters initially in January. They were previewed as part of the public preview. Soon the features will be available to all consumers. Well, this is just the beginning, since Microsoft is going to introduce avatars to Teams. The digital characters will present the users with a camera break. Users will be able to add new choices to meetings. They will be able to represent themselves with customizable avatars and reactions.

Well, an avatar feature is not something unique and new. It has been available across multiple platforms like FaceTime where consumers can use Animoji or Memoji during a video call. However, one may think that this feature is too much for a platform that is particularly concerned with business. The company states that avatars will be available for all desktop users [including macOS] by May 2023. Moreover, the spatial audio feature will be activated around the same time to offer a more life-like digital meeting.