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Edge Phoinex: Microsoft working on New Designs and Features For Edge

Microsoft apparently wants to thoroughly overhaul its Edge browser in the future, which will also include a new user interface. According to the mockups that have now been published, some new functions are also planned.

The Twitter user and Microsoft expert ” WalkingCat ” recently published some images that are supposed to show drafts for a redesign of the Microsoft Edge browser. It is said that Microsoft wants to stand out from the competition among browsers and gives Edge a look that is better adapted to Windows 11.

New functions already in previews

In addition, some new productivity features and deeper integration into Windows are planned, at least reports Windows Central. The project runs under the code name “Phoenix” and has been in progress since the summer of 2022. Some of the new features are already included in the current edition of Edge in preview versions and can be activated there using the so-called feature flags.

New user interface and split view function

One of the innovations is also the prettied surface, which differs among other things by rounded tabs. Also new is a split-view function, with which two websites can be opened side by side in the same tab. Among other things, this function can be used to compare websites with one another or, for example, to edit documents side by side without separate windows.

In addition, there is supposedly a so-called Activity Center tab, in which you can get a detailed overview of how the browser is used. The whole thing should probably work similarly to what you know from Android or iOS in the form of Digital well-being or Screen Time. According to the reports, Microsoft is also considering using Edge as a kind of password manager for Windows.

It is also planned to have Edge set up during the installation of Windows, which would probably encourage users to use the in-house browser for more than just downloading Chrome or Firefox. However, it is still unclear when Edge “Phoenix” will be made available to the general public. It is also conceivable that Microsoft will introduce the planned innovations in small steps with new versions of the browser.

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