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Microsoft To-Do App For Android Synchronization Error Fixed With An Update

To-do App

For some time now, Microsoft has also been offering its to-do app, which can be used to schedule tasks and synchronize across devices, for Android. In some cases, however, errors occur. With an update, Microsoft wants to increase stability and eliminate bugs.

The update was released recently and increases the version number of the Android application to 2.44.192. As Windows Central writes, the update is not equipped with new features. Instead, the developers have added additional dialogs to the app to help troubleshoot problems. If a synchronization or login error occurs, the user can select an action to eliminate it.

Crashes Fixed

According to the changelog, the app should no longer crash as often as before. If there is a problem, the application will not be closed immediately. Instead, the user is asked how to fix the problem. This is the case, for example, if Microsoft To-Do cannot log into the Redmond-based server with the saved login data. In addition, the developers have fixed some UX bugs. The daily reminder message has been revised.

Update From Google Play Store

The update can be downloaded as usual from the Play Store. Depending on the settings, the patch should already have been installed automatically in most cases. If you don’t already have the app, you can download Microsoft To-Do via this link. The Windows version can be found here. The iOS program is available in the App Store.

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