Microsoft To Launch New Outlook In 2024

From September 2024, the mail and calendar apps under Windows 11 should give way to the new Outlook – at least that’s the original plan. Now Microsoft seems to want to postpone the launch date until further notice. Negative customer feedback could be the reason.

Just one day after the announcement the new Outlook for Windows will be introduced at the end of next year as a replacement for mail and calendar, the Redmond-based company announced its role backward in its own Microsoft 365 Message Center: “We are in the process of changing the schedule and re-evaluate the implementation of this change and will provide information shortly. Thank you for your patience.”

Too many complaints or postponements through Windows 12?

The exact reasons are not yet clear. Office 365 expert Michael Reinders assumes, however, that a large number of complaints from Microsoft 365 customers must have arrived. However, since the changeover from Mail and Calendar to Outlook is more than a year in the future and Microsoft is giving its customers plenty of time to prepare for the change, the delays could be of a different nature.

The colleagues from Neowin report, among other things, further speculation regarding the release date of the new Windows 12, which could overlap with the introduction of Outlook as a central contact point for e-mails, to-do lists and appointments and therefore a better timetable would have to be found. However, there is no solid evidence of this.

For more information, an update of the Redmond-based office roadmap remains to be seen. Until then, the new Outlook for Windows can be tried out within the Microsoft 365 Insider program (beta channel) as an alternative to “full” Outlook. So far, however, a paid Microsoft 365 account has been required, while the introduction is planned for next year as a free app within Windows 11 that is open to all email addresses.

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