Microsoft Now Sells Replacement Parts For Self Repair

Surface Pro 9

Microsoft has now begun freely selling spare parts for some of its hardware in the spirit of the much-claimed right to repair. Various components for the devices in the Surface line are now available in the Microsoft Store.

“We are pleased to offer technically interested consumers self-repair parts after the warranty period has expired,” said Tim McGuiggan, director of Devices Services and Product Engineering at Microsoft. “When purchasing a spare part, consumers receive the part and also relevant additional components.”

Users will therefore be able to exchange displays, batteries, SSDs, and more without having to visit an authorized workshop. Specific tools to help repair a Microsoft Surface device are sold separately from iFixit, with whom Microsoft partnered in 2021 to sell official Surface repair tools. For example, iFixit offers battery covers to protect against punctures, but also detacking supports to help cut the adhesive that holds the screen’s glass in place and a tool to properly replace a screen.

Later in Europe

However, European users still have to be patient. Official Surface parts will initially be available in the US, Canada, and France only, with commercial resellers also able to get in on the act – so the components may soon be available from major electronics chains as well.

However, the official offers that have now started do not yet cover all possible defects. For example, Microsoft only sells a replacement kickstand for the Surface Pro 7. However, a variety of components are already available for more modern devices like the Surface Pro 9, including displays, SSDs, batteries, USB-C ports, Surface Connect charging ports, and even speakers, WLAN, and thermal modules.

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