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Microsoft turns ‘Your Smartphone’ app upside down: new name, new partners

Microsoft has been working on improvements for the smartphone connection in the Insider program for months. A major update is now underway under a new name: “Your smartphone” becomes “Phone Link”, and the app “Companion for your smartphone” becomes “Link to Windows”. Microsoft just announced that. The new apps are now being distributed and can be tried by all Android and Windows users.

Both apps will have the same icon to make the mutual coherence clearer in the future. In addition to the renaming, the user interface, in particular, has been redesigned. Windows insiders have already tested the more user-friendly controls. On the PC you will now find horizontal navigation and all notifications from the smartphone on the left. Visually, the app is adapted to the Windows 11 design with rounded corners and custom symbols.

New User Interface

New features for more users?

In addition to the news for the applications, there will probably be other functions for Honor users soon. Microsoft has announced that the company is partnering with Honor to bring the Android app to China. It is now expected that Magic V, Magic 4, and Magic 3 series owners, such as Samsung and Surface Duo users, will be able to take advantage of additional features that other Android users are still denying.

Microsoft writes about the “restart:

“We are very excited to announce today the evolution of the Your Phone app to Phone Link. We launched Your Phone more than three years ago so you can keep your smartphone in your pocket and still have access to your photos and texts Since then, we’ve enabled more features like filtering notifications on your Windows PC, making and receiving calls even when your phone is out of range, and using your Android mobile apps on your Windows PC. As part of this evolution, we’re now introducing a brand new interface that brings notifications to the forefront so you don’t miss a thing. With the new tabbed navigation, all the important features and content of your phone are always at your fingertips.

And we also have Improvements made to make setup even easier With the next update to Windows 11, you can also set up Phone Link during the setup of your new PC by simply scanning a QR code. We see this experience not only as a connection between your phone and your PC but also as a bridge between the two devices, which is why we are renaming the app Phone Link. And to further celebrate this connection between your two devices, we’ve also rebranded Your Phone Companion’s mobile companion app as Link to Windows for all Android users. Plus, both apps have the same icon.” More about Your Phone from Microsoft:

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